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Name Your Homestead: Make It Real

Name Your Homestead: Make It Real
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Name your homestead. Right now. Right where you are. Seriously. Yes, even if you live in a tiny apartment in the city at the moment. The mind is an amazing tool. Understanding how it works gives you the power to change. You have dreams of a homestead, but it’s way too far in the future to be real? Think it’s just a nice dream, but you don’t really see a way that you could ever make it happen? Stuck in a tiny apartment or renting someone else’s property? Learning homesteading skills no matter where you live gives your mind a boost—makes it more real. Giving your current ‘homestead’ a name breathes life into the dream.

What’s in a Name?

Name your homestead; names have power. They make people, places, pets, etc. more real and special to us. We name things that are important. We associate naming a farm or an estate with money and power; Graceland, Tyson Farms, Bob Evans Farms, Skywalker Ranch. We think small—we think our homes are too tiny, not owned by us, not important enough to have names. We think that it’s the acreage that makes a ‘farm’ legitimate enough for a name, but what if it’s the other way around? What if naming your ‘farm’ is what makes it legitimate?

Choosing a Name for Your Homestead

There are numerous ways to go about choosing a name. Take your time and have fun with the process!

  • Use your name, part of your name, or your initials in your homestead name.
    • JR Ranch
    • McCall Homestead
    • Jill’s Little Acre
  • Do you live on or near interesting geography?
    • Hilltop Homestead
    • Rocky Top Ridge
    • Sunny Valley
  • What about an apartment or a tiny city lot?
    • Thimble Farm
    • Summer City Homestead
    • Shady Balcony Homestead
  • Do you have a favorite book, movie, character, animal, weather etc.?
    • Stormy Ridge
    • Misty Meadow
  • Make a two-column list. In one column list interesting nouns, in the other list intriguing adjectives. Play around with different combinations.

raven                                                                       misty

owl                                                                            foggy

moon                                                                        curious

hill                                                                            shady

oak tree                                                                   twisted



How Did I Name little cottage?

This doesn’t really describe the home I live in. It’s an idea in my head. I am not interested in ever living in a spacious home. I like the idea of small, just enough space, cozy. I also love the look of a cottage garden, don’t you? I put the two together in my mind and I imagine a cozy cottage with a lovely, old-style, pollinator-attracting cottage garden in the front. The rest of the small yard is filled with fruit trees and bushes, and a few scattered irregularly-shaped kitchen gardens overflowing with herbs and wonderful vegetables.

Inside my little cottage, the windows are open allowing a nice breeze to freshen the air indoors. Lightweight curtains blow softly. In the kitchen, there is always a pot of coffee and the smell of freshly baked bread.

There is a mind-set that goes with the name of my homestead. When I use the name, when I’m baking bread, or planting a dwarf apple tree, or sowing zinnia seeds, I am living my homestead dream—without the need to wait on acreage that may or may not be in my future.

You can do this too. Your homestead dream begins now. Get out a pen and paper, pour yourself a cup of coffee (or tea) and play! (By the way, that’s my cottage garden zinnias in the top picture. They’re nestled around my dwarf apple tree!)

Now that I’ve shared my story, name your homestead and share your story!


Homesteading Dream: Where You Are!












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